Newer products such as the mini pleat filter offer many advantages over their predecessors, including longer service life, improved indoor air quality and reduced energy consumption. The advent of various environmental rating programs for commercial buildings, such as The Well Building Standard, has resulted in a greater industry focus on the benefits of using more efficient filters.

Our specialist service team can install a completely new system or upgrade an existing setup to accommodate a different type or improved grade of filtration. Air flow capacities and velocities are assessed to determine the optimum number of frames and filters required. The potential benefits of a pre-filter system are also considered.

Our services include dismantling and removing off-site existing filter banks. New systems are erected using IFS Holding Frames, reinforced with heavy gauge steel support beams to ensure rigidity and integrity and caulked to prevent air bypass. Where possible, modifications are made to existing systems to allow for the retrofit of upgraded filters. We also specialise in Gas Phase filter housings and can retrofit Gas Phase filters to existing systems.