IFS FW Flat Panels (also known as return air panels, egg crate grille panels, lint screen panels) are commonly used in air conditioning and ventilation systems to capture coarse particles. These low resistance and low efficiency filters are custom made with Australian materials at our factory in Heidelberg West. Suited for use in return air egg crate grilles in commercial and industrial buildings, as pre-filters to extend the life of final filters or in outside air intakes. IFS FW Panels also perform well as return air filters in residential homes as their low resistance to air flow reduces stress on a system’s fan and motor. Available in G3 / MERV 5 efficiency class.

Manufactured with Australian made needle punched single denier polyester media with 15 mm loft. The media pad is attached to an extruded aluminium frame using rubber spline. The IFS FW Panel can be made to virtually any height / width required, with standard 8 mm frame thickness. Support braces are attached to larger filters. Available in efficiency class G3 / MERV 5. These panels are washable by means of hosing with cold water and can provide 6 cycles before service life expiry, although it should be noted that filter performance will deteriorate with each wash.