The IFS FP610 Holding Frame Set is an Australian made product designed for use with the IFS FP610 ‘four peak’ type deep bed bag filter. Suited for use in a commercial and industrial air conditioning and ventilation systems, the FP610 Holding Frame Set is compact and suited to applications with space restrictions. Comprises an inner wire basket which fits tightly into a heavy gauge outer holding frame to create a positive seal and eliminate air bypass. Can be easily constructed into filter banks to suit a required air flow capacity.

Made in Australia, FP610 Holding Frame Sets are manufactured with heavy gauge steel and comprise separate inner wire basket and outer holding frame pieces. The inner wire basket consists of support wires to maintain pocket rigidity and the outer holding frame has fixed pocket separator cross bars and built-in fastening lugs to seal with the inner basket. The FP610 Set comes in a standard 610 x 610 x 380 mm (H x W x D) size, with the half size 610 x 305 x 380 mm FP305 Holding Frame Set also available. Standard or reverse flow configuration and galvanised or powder coated finish options.