The 3 pocket IFS TP610 deep bed bag filter is an economical general purpose filter suited for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. TP610 filters are fully disposable and comprise an attached wire header frame that allows easy retro-fitting to a variety of existing holding frame setups. This type of filter is ideal for an environment where a low pressure differential, medium efficiency, high dust holding capacity / long service life are required. Available in G4 / MERV 8 and F5 / MERV 9 classes and 380 mm and 600 mm depth configurations. Half size TP305 bags also available.

IFS TP610 3 pocket deep bed bag filters are manufactured at our factory in Heidelberg West using Australian made needle punched polyurethane disposable type media, comprising dual layer / dual denier configuration. Available in G4 / MERV 8 and F5 / MERV 9 efficiency classes. The TP610’s aerodynamically designed peaks provide excellent dust holding capacity and are simple to change-out once they have reached service life expiry. The TP610 comprises an attached wire header frame which fits tightly to a fixed holding frame using fastening clips / lugs. These filters can easily be constructed into filter banks to suit a required air flow capacity using standard IFS F-Type Holding Frames complete with IFS P-Style Holding Clips.