IFS boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience in the in the manufacture, supply and installation of air filters and systems for transport sector applications. Our comprehensive HVAC, HEPA and gas phase product range provides solutions for airports, railway stations, bus stations, warehouses, trucking terminals, refuelling depots and seaports. Whether it be gas phase chemical media used to remove jet fumes from air streams in the HVAC system of a major airport, or deep bed bag filters needed for an air handling unit at a city subway station, our NAFA trained technical representatives possess the know-how to recommend the right product. Our service and installation team is well versed in the access procedures, sensitivities and appropriate work practices associated with working on transport sector sites.

Please see below NAFA’s best practice guidelines relating to transport applications:

Please refer to the products section of our website or contact our office to speak with an IFS staff member for any technical assistance or advice required.