The advent of new filtration technologies, materials and manufacturing techniques has resulted in the arrival of many new products to the market over the last couple of decades. These products, designed largely in the United States and Europe, provide higher efficiency, lower resistance and longer service life in comparison to their predecessors. While the Australian market has traditionally been proficient at producing older style coarse and medium filters, newer high efficiency ‘fine’ filters such as the extended surface pocket filter or mini pleat filter are not made in this country, rather imported from international manufacturers.

Our quality American made range of cardboard pleated, extended surface pocket, mini pleat and HEPA filters are imported from Glasfloss Industries. IFS are the official and exclusive Australian distributor for Glasfloss Industries. Glasfloss are a family owned business originally established in 1936 in New York City and now expanded to comprise 5 manufacturing plants across the United States. They are a dependable, innovative and responsive manufacturer of quality air filtration products with an excellent reputation in American and international markets. Manufacturing commercial and industrial filtration products is their only business and therefore receives 100% of their attention.

Our approach of supplying a quality American made product provides us with a real point of difference to the local market which has become increasingly dominated by low cost generic products sourced from Asia.

Intro to Glasfloss Industries